Stroud 1852, Watercolour, Conrad Martens, Mitchel Library, State Library of NSW



1841 and 1852 Conrad Martens visited AAco’s Port Stephens estate. His Stroud watercolours and sketches are among the treasures at the State Library of New South Wales.

1847 Dr. C. Buchanan used ether as an anaesthetic, for the first time in NSW, and possibly Australia, at the Stroud hospital, which stood opposite St Johnʹs Church.

1846, 1847 Ludwig Leichhardt, explorer, visited Stroud before the last of his two attempts to cross Australia from east to west, taking with him mules purchased from AAco and a company employee who had absconded from his contract.

1849 the first subdivision of company lands occurred with allotments sold to private buyers who began to arrive from England in 1850.

1851 renowned churchman J.D. Lang, responsible for establishing the Presbyterian Church in Australia, observed that ʹStroud is decidedly one of the finest villages of inland towns in the colonyʹ.

1855 coal deposits were located on AAco land north of Stroud. Pits were established in 1858 but, despite the quality of the find, the costs of extraction proved prohibitive.

Stroud ceased to be a company town in the 1850s, but its heritage remains visible in the public buildings and dwellings erected in the founding years.

1976 Stroud was among the first rural towns to be classified by the National Trust.

1978 the St John’s group of four buildings, dating from 1833, was placed on the Register of the National Estate. The group is listed as the ‘St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church Group.’


1978: St. John’s Church, rectory and parish hall were placed on the Register of the National Estate.

1984: Ref No 00330 a permanent conservation order gazetted under the NSW Heritage Act.

1989: Gazetted under the Regional Environmental Plan.

1996: Gazetted under the Local Environmental Plan.

1999: Ref/No 00330 placed on the State Heritage Register gazetted under the Heritage Act.

St. John's from the west. Oval AACo plaque high above the west door.

St. John's from the east.

St. John's Rectory.